About 3t5


3thrifty5 provides a platform that connects the divisive environment of South Africa through accessible, affordable and luxury clothes. The retail prices of brands are made accessible to our customers while supporting the micro-businesses and individuals of Joburg.

Our clothes are environmentally sustainable and do not contribute to the cycle of labour exploitation. We promote a culture of left-wing consumerism; attempting to achieve ethical consumption. 3thrifty5, through its clothes and events, is a business focused on diversity, inclusivity and sustainability.

Thrifted clothes are size inclusive, gender neutral and environmentally conscious; societal biases and fashion faux-pas are bypassed by allowing the customer to project their own identity upon sourced garments.

The story, sizing and limits of the items are for the wearer to define; it is not our prerogative to take such a privilege. 

Thrifting is growing and so are the youth and micro-businesses of Joburg, a true trickle-down economy of clout, clothes and choice.

Our History

What’s Up

3thrifty5 has been an independent online clothes retailer since 2018. We specialise in thrifted, vintage and collectible garments at affordable prices.

Wether it’s online shopping or a sneaky pop-up you’re looking for – we’ve got you covered.


Satisfied South African customers and growing

Est. 2018

Our Story

Born off a yearning for more clothes, 3thrifty5 began in 2018 as something more similar to a hobby than a fully-fledged, independent store.

Declan Gibbon was keen on funding his own addiction for style, and needed a way to do so. That is how 3thrifty5 began when he decided to start procuring and selling thrifted clothes on Instagram. Two things quickly became clear, Declan had the eye and he had certainly found the demand.

Since those early days, 3thrifty5 has done nothing but move forward – gaining a cult following of young adults craving for the latest trends and expanding our already impressive catalog.

We have held multiple, successful pop-up’s across Johannesburg and – after a small pandemic-influenced hiatus – we’re back to throwing events you don’t want to miss. Please contact us for collaboration enquiries.

Our Future

Growing Fast

Since our inception, we have seen consistent growth. We continue to amass a bigger following, our catalog has grown and our events have gotten bigger and better. With 3t5 branded clothes and another great pop-up on the horizon, the future is looking fresh.


Successful Pop-up Events


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… and counting.

Core Values

What Do We Focus On?


3thrifty5 focusses on environmental and social sustainability. We bring new life to vintage clothes, providing high-quality with a low carbon footprint. All while creating networks and sales for SME and micro-businesses in Johannesburg.


Finding the best vintage clothes is hard work, even harder when your standards are as high as ours. We provide only the best of what we find and are fully transparent in describing our items quality on each listing.


Speaks for itself