Terms & Conditions


Collectively referred to as ‘THE PARTIES’ 

General Terms:

  1. Any reference made to the 3thrifty5, 3t5, ‘the store,’ ‘the website,’ and or, ‘the supplier,’ refers to 3thrifty5 (Pty) Ltd (‘we,’ ‘us,’ or ‘our’). 
  2. These terms apply to all transactions made on this website, through the web portal itself, the Instagram store page, and any other representation of this website.
  3. These terms and the agreements concluded between the parties are valid and binding in the Republic of South Africa.
  4. The user warrants that they are 18 years of age, and that if they are a minor, they have concluded any agreement with 3thrifty5 with the consent of their legal guardian.
  5. The user agrees that they will not use any software, device, or method to interfere with the working of this website. The user acknowledges their liability for such conduct.
  6. These terms and conditions govern all sales concluded with 3thrifty5.
  7. Every user is bound by these terms and conditions
  8. Every user accepts these terms and conditions upon conclusion of any contract of sale concluded between them and 3thrifty5.


  1. Any term that:
    1. Limits the liability of 3thrifty5
    2. Creates risk or liability for the user
    3. Compels the user to indemnify 3thrifty5
    4. Or, requires that the user acknowledge a fact
  2.  Is drawn to the user’s attention in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (‘the CPA’) where such a term is bolded. 

Provision of Goods:

  1. Users of this website may place an order for an item, or items which 3thrifty5 may either accept or reject.
  2. Where 3thrifty5 accepts an offer made by a user, the agreement of sale comes into existence upon delivery of the item to the user.
  3. 3thrifty5 will determine whether or not to accept an offer made by a user depending on, inter alia, whether stock levels have been accurately displated on the website, whether the information regarding the items is correct, and whether payment has been made by the user and 3thrifty5 has received receipt of such payment. 
  4. Where 3thrifty5 rejects an order, the customer will be alerted, and refunded the amount paid.
  5. Orders may not be cancelled once payment has been made.
  6. Returns will only be granted in accordance with the returns policy.
  7. The user acknowledges that due to the nature of the stock displayed on this website, not all stock will be available as displayed, and any information about such stock does not constitute a representation made by 3thrifty5. In acknowledging so, the user acknowledges that 3thrifty5 may not be able to honour all offers made by the user.

Limitation of Liability:

  1. 3thrifty5 shall not be liable for any harm, damage, or loss that arises as a result of the goods supplied on this website.

Privacy Policy:

  1.  3thrifty5 respects the user’s privacy, and as such, will only ever collect and retain the user’s data in-so far as it is necessary for the provision of goods supplied by 3thrifty5.
  2. If the user makes use of this website, they may need to provide information including but not limited to:
    1. Their name
    2. Their address
    3. Their email address
    4. Their gender
    5. Their date of birth
    6. Their mobile number.
  3. 3thrifty5 will only use your information to supply goods through this website, and to market goods to the user where they have not already opted out of such marketing.
  4. 3thrifty5 undertakes to never sell or provide your data to any third party, except where compelled by law.
  5. 3thrifty5 does not accept liability for any unauthorized or otherwise unlawful use of your data made by a third party not under the control of 3thrifty5, except where 3thrifty5 has been grossly negligent.
  6. If the user discloses any information to a third-party that is linked to this website, 3thrifty5 cannot be held liable for any loss, how so ever arising, suffered by you as a result of such a disclosure made to the third party.
  7. 3thrifty5 undertakes to not retain the users information for any time longer than originally intended.
  8. 3thrifty5 will destroy any or all information in their control provided by the user at the user’s request.


  1. All users of this website agree to submit any dispute arising between them and 3thrifty5, as a result of this agreement to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court under Section 45 of the Magistrate’s Court Act.
  2. Nothing in this agreement shall limit the user’s right to approach an appropriate court or tribunal in terms of the CPA.

Returns Policy:

2 options:

  1. Returns only when the item is totally different to what was ordered (so basically never)
  2. Returns only when the size is totally different to what was displayed
  3. No returns, save exceptional circumstances.